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Make-Up Prescription. Want to try different coloured make-up? Carolyn will apply make-up in the colours that enhance your natural colouring bringing out your eye colour and giving you a natural glow.

Price £15; Duration 30 minutes

Colour Me Beautiful Make-Up. Full Range of Colour Me Beautiful Make-Up sold including: Lipsticks; Skin Adjusters; Foundations; Eye Shadows; Eye Liners; Mascara's; Lip Liners; Lip Base; Lip Gloss; Powder Blusher; Cream Blusher; Eyebrow Pencils; Concealer                                                 

Prices from £5.45 to £15.45. Please contact me for item prices

Coloured scarfs shropshire by Colour Me BeautifulScarfs, come in the following colours: aqua, emerald green, orange, periwinkle, pink, warm pink, purple, red and yellowgreen.                 

Price £22 (ring for advise on best colour for you)

Books: Colour Me Confident; Colour Me Younger; Be a Beautiful Bride.                                                                                                

Colour Me Beautiful Book availabvle in Shropshire

Colour Me Younger book by Colour Me Beautiful in Shropshire

Beautiful Brides, Colour Me Beautiful Books available in Shropshire

Prices from £12.99 to £14.99