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Colour and Style Consultations

Duration 1 1/2 hours; Price £85; Includes - Wallet with 42 fabric colour swatches

personal one to one colour, style and image consultation in shropshire from Shrewsbury, Ludlow and Church StrettonThe Colour Consultation looks at your skin tone, eyes and hair colour. We will discuss which dominant colouring you are and you will receive your wallet with 30 of your colours. Carolyn will then test you to find out your depth, tone and clarity which will further personalise your colour wallet and give you another 12 colours. Carolyn will show you how to wear your clothes for maximum effect. You will receive a make-up makeover with colours that complement your eyes and skin tone so you come away looking great. In your wallet you will also have tips on colour combinations and a list of make-up colours that suit you best. When you go shopping all you need is your colour wallet.

Duration 2 hours; Price £95; Includes - Your personalised 28 page Style Workbook

Not sure what style of clothes to wear?

look your best with a style consultation in ShropshireIn a Style Consultation you will find out what your body shape is and how to choose the most flattering styles and fabrics for your body shape. We will look at which patterns and accessories to choose and you will learn how to express your personality through your clothes. Carolyn will ask you to bring along some of your favourite clothes and some you have hanging in the back of your wardrobe and don't know why. Carolyn will help you make the most of your wardrobe. Your make-up will be applied in the most flattering colours for you. Everything you learn will be written down in your 28 page Style Workbook for you to take home.

You will leave knowing what style of clothes to choose, what fabrics to go for and where to shop and what to avoid.

Duration 3 hours; Price £170; Includes - Personalised Wallet of 42 colour fabric swatches and a 28 page Style Workbook

Colour Me Beautiful by Carolyn in ShropshireFirst Carolyn will explain what your body shape is and show you the styles and fabrics that will best suit your figure. You will also find out how to express your personality through your clothes. This will all be written down in your Style Workbook for you to keep. You will be shown what accessories look good on you. Your make-up will be applied in the colours which are most flattering to you. Carolyn will show you the colours which suit you the best by looking at your hair, skin and eye colour, we will go through all your colours showing you how to wear them for the maximum effect. At the end you will have a Wallet of 42 colours personalised for you.

After this consultation you will know how to dress for your body shape, what colours make you look good and why. You will leave knowing how to be a stylish woman.,

Duration 1 hour; Price £35, includes personalised 12 page beauty workbook.

Whether you have been using the same make-up for years and fancy a change or have never worn make-up. Carolyn will show you Step-by-Step how to apply your make-up in the colours that will enhance your natural colouring making you look more energised and bringing out your eye colour, giving tips along the way. All the tips and colours used will be written down for you in a personalised work book for you to take home.